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Over the years, I’ve had over 20+ journals where my thoughts, opinions, stories, creativity, experiences and snippets of wisdom are poured and etched out. But, I’ve desired something a little bit more, and hence the creation of T.I.D blog – what I call my own online creativity corner.

I am a Born-Writer and I’m completely aware that living is not complete without impacting and helping those around me in any little way I can. My Passion is multifaceted and intertwined into one: Expression & Creativity, and I’m on an unending journey to discovering all the substance God blew into Me.

The aim of T.I.D blog is to create content that inspires, entertains, educates & uplifts; to share thoughts on Faith, Passion, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Family, and issues relating to Life in general. I also want People from all calibres to share their own Stories, Experiences and Lifestyle, thus building an engaging community.

I really hope every word, article and story resonates with you and inspires you to take a step forward in being the amazing creation that God breathed life into.

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